VISI-ULTRA™ Highway Marking Sphere
Products & Performance
Finally an All Weather System that will meet and exceed all your dry and wet reading requirements!  VISI-ULTRA™ will stand the test of time!  VISI-ULTRA™ will work on all road surfaces.  It applies like any large bead system.  Our advanced coating technology will match any binder system.  We offer Technical Service support to engineer the correct system for you needs.

The VISI-ULTRA™ Glass Bead System
  • 27 years of Potters' successful VISIBEAD® technology incorporated into VISI-ULTRA™ performance-based Markings.
  • 1.9 technology for superior brightness combined with our VISIBEAD® size making VISI-ULTRA™ the brightest dry and wet system available.
  • 100% solid bead with no outer layer beads to pop off. Get years of service life common to VISIBEAD® technology.
  • Engineered Highway Products allow VISI-ULTRA™ to match your binder, road, climate or budget to ensure that you get the best system for your needs.
  • Potters Industries is a trusted supplier of durable and environmentally progressive highway safety products.

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