SPHERICEL® Hollow Glass Microspheres: Plastic Compounds

These high-performance hollow glass microspheres enhance processing, reduce weight and costs when added to thermoplastic and thermoset resin systems.

Their smooth, hard surface offers excellent chemical resistance and low oil absorption, along with other properties that can reduce materials costs and reject rates.

For example, the addition of SPHERICEL® particles can lower the viscosity of most resin mix systems, improving mold flow. Because of their precise geometry, they disperse evenly and pack closely, enabling high resin displacement and permitting very high filler loadings.

This can substantially improve the quality and performance of the finished molded part, through:

  • reduced weight
  • greater dimensional stability
  • reduced molded part warpage
  • higher flexural modulus
  • better abrasion resistance
  • improved stress distribution
  • increased flow
SPHERICEL® Hollow Glass Microspheres are available uncoated, or with coatings containing coupling agents specially-formulated to achieve maximum interfacial bonding in specific resin systems.
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