BALLOTINI® Impact Beads: Metal Finishing

BALLOTINI® Solid Glass Beads clean, deburr, finish and peen metals without etching or removing basic surface material, and without imparting ferrous or other contaminating residues. They offer considerable advantages in terms of precision, quality and cost-efficiencies, without the liabilities inherent in other media. 

  • In peening operations, solid glass spheres bombard metal parts under tightly controlled conditions, compressing layers, converting surface tension into compression, producing a work hardened - stronger part. Glass-bead peening is highly-reproducible, since the diameter and density of the glass spheres is precisely defined, and the glass media can be delivered at higher velocities than steel shot. The uniform spherical shape of BALLOTINI® eliminates the potential for abrasive damage that can occur with steel shot. And the inert glass spheres create none of the ferrous pollution residues of cast steel shot.

  • In cleaning/deburring/finishing operations, BALLOTINI® Solid Glass Beads work without etching surfaces, changing tolerances, or imparting contaminants, which can reduce the time and labor of post-processing inspection of cleaned parts. A wide selection of impact-bead sizes enables use of large beads to remove heavier burrs, deposits or soils, while smaller beads quickly flush out the work done by the larger beads, or remove lighter soils.
BALLOTINI® Solid Glass Beads quality, consistency and strength can improve your bottom line.
Strong enough to survive multiple impacts, Ballotini® Solid Glass Beads allow for continuous recycling, with an average consumption rate of only 3% per cycle. 

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