A-Series Technical Quality Glass Spheres: Cosmetics

The cosmetics and beauty-aid industry relies on Potters A-Series Technical Quality Glass Spheres for grinding and milling, because they are engineered to precisely reduce the particle size of other ingredients such as pigments and minerals. Made of solid glass, they are manufactured to discrete size tolerances and uniform geometries for highly-consistent results in grinding and mixing, as well as deagglomerating and dispersion processes.

Since they are colorless and chemically-inert, they will not cause a color shift nor create any chemical reaction in the cosmetic formulation, as other non-glass media can. And, they are compatible with a wide variety of suspensions, whether water-based, oil-based or solvent-based.

A-Series Technical Quality Glass Spheres are also economical, with the strength to withstand multiple uses in recycled systems.

LUXSIL® Cosmetic Microspheres: Cosmetics Minimize
LUXSIL® Cosmetic Microspheres - A beauty-enchancing additive for cosmetics.

These hollow, air-filled glass microspheres are used in a wide variety of cosmetic formulations because they are non-porous, chemically inert, and have very low oil absorption. They add lubricity to pressed powder, eyeshadows and liquid foundations. As such, they significantly improve the application properties enhancing flow and imparting a smooth, silky feel.

The precise spherical geometry and sizing of these particles contributes to the consistency of the cosmetic formulation, reducing viscosity and improving flow –in manufacturing and in use. The addition of Luxsil® cosmetic microspheres improves the distribution of other particulates, and enhances the compressibility of powdered products.

Because they are chemically-inert and colorless, they will not alter the cosmetic color. Their light-diffusing characteristics provide excellent hiding properties to the cosmetic, and impart a flattering "soft-focus" effect in use.

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